7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment
Military Honours and Awards

Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion

Samuel Henry Barnard
Mentioned in Despatches

No. 6393734 Sergeant Samuel Henry Barnard, (k.i.a.)

During the engagement with General Rommel’s Panzer Division just west of Amiens on 20 May, this N.C.O. was in command of No. 7 Platoon “A” Coy who were placed ahead of the rest of the Battalion and took the first shock. During the afternoon’s battle he reported to his Company Commander that all the men in his platoon had been killed. His Company Commander told him to return to his position, collect all the dead men’s ammunition and carry on.

This order he promptly carried out with unhesitating obedience and so set an excellent example to the men. Shortly afterwards this N.C.O. was killed at his post.

Subsequently his Company Commander was only able to trace one member of No. 7 Platoon as a survivor. I recommend this N.C.O. to be Mentioned in Despatches. (If any suitable posthumous award is available I feel some greater recompense than an M.I.D. should be given.)
(D.C.M. recommended on later letter)