7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment

Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion

The first occasion when a group of survivors from 7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment, returned to France was in 1980. They were accompanied on this trip by their Commanding Officer, Lt. Colonel Gethen, and placed a simple wooden cross on the site of their battle. This trip led to seven others and gave birth to a warm relationship with the City of Amiens. Following this trip, the City authorities erected a simple stone monument to act as a permanent reminder of the sacrifice of men of 7th Battalion and in recognition of the time that their valiant stand gave to the City to prepare for occupation.

Reunion Group 1999Reunion Dates
17th-18th May 1980
12th-14th April 1985
18th-20th April 1986
16th-23rd May 1990
2nd-4th November 1990
18th-20th April 1997
16th-18th April 1999
16th-23rd May 2000