7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment
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Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion
Brighton behind the Front

The 7th Battalion story has been mentioned in a number of books and many newspaper articles.

Books & Other PublicationsPress coverage
Readers Digest
3rd November 1940
The Times
31st December 1943
Roussillon Gazette
Vol 24, 1940, No. 1
Evening Argus
14th September 1979
"The Last Act" by Basil Karslake
ISBN 0850522404 Leo Cooper Ltd. 1979
Evening Argus
20th November 1979
"The Destruction of 12th Division: 20th May 1940"
by Michael Glover
West Sussex Gazette
29th May 1980
"Seventh Heaven"by Michael Glover
The Roussillon Gazette
The Observer
13th May 1990
"Pillar of Fire Dunkirk 1940"
by Ronald Atkin
ISBN 0283996978 Sidgwick & Jackson 1990
West Sussex Gazette
May 1990
"The Somme Battlefields" by Martin & Mary Middlebrook
Viking (Penguin) 1991
Worthing Review
13th July 1990
"The Alanbrook Diaries"
by Arthur Bryant
Le Courrier Picard
19th April 1990
"Dunkirk Fight to the Last Man"
by Hugh Sebag Montefiore
Le Courrier Picard
22nd May 1990
"P112 The Turn of the Tide"
Publisher unknown
Le Courrier Picard
6th November 1990
"The Fight for the Channel Ports Calais to Brest 1940 : A Study in Confusion" by Michael GloverLe Courrier Picard
9th November 1990
"A History of the Royal Sussex Regiment"
by G D Martineau
Le Courrier Picard
21st May 1997
Le Courrier Picard
29th August 1998
Worthing Herald
29th April 1999
Le Courrier Picard
27th April 2000
Le Courrier Picard
12th May 2000
Le Courrier Picard
23rd May 2000
Le Courrier Picard
26th May 2000
Le Journal Des Amienois
31st May 2000
The Argus
6th June 2000
Worthing Herald
31st May 2007