7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment
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Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion

Darrell Ernest Hollands
Distinguished Conduct Medal

No. 6397264 Sgt. Darrell Ernest Hollands, 7th Bn. (Bath)

France/Belgium 1940: This N.C.O., together with an Officer (2/Lt. De Manio, J.B.) displayed great courage and coolness when, at about 11.00 hours on the 20 May 1940, an enemy aircraft was shot down about one mile from Bray. Both went immediately to the place where the plane had fallen.

Sgt. Hollands arrived first and despite the fact that the plane was burning fiercely, that ammunition was exploding inside, and that three unexploded bombs were lying near the flames, he entered the plane without hesitation and brought out the machine-gun. He was about to re-enter in an endeavour to bring out the pilot when he was ordered away by 2/Lt. H.C.T. Robinson, 6th Bn. Royal Sussex, who had arrived at the scene. A large number of British and French soldiers were standing some distance away and 2/Lt. De Manio and Sgt. Hollands set them a very fine example of courage and coolness under extremely dangerous conditions.

(He later won a D.S.O. as a Lt.(T/Capt).(194123) Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps. “L/G” May 4th 1943 for North Africa.)