7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment
Military Honours and Awards

Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion

Acting Captain
Charles Hughlings Jackson
Military Cross

A/Captain Charles Hughlings Jackson, (38234) 7th Bn. (Guildford, Surrey)

On 20 May 1940 this officer commanding “A” Coy 7th Battalion, at about 13.00 hours an enemy tank attack developed without warning just as the Coy found itself in a position out in the open some 300 yards ahead of the rest of the Battalion. In spite of shelling, mortaring and persistent M.G. fire his Coy held its ground until the survivors, numbering 32 were finally forced to concede at almost 18.00 hours.

The Battalion was without any support of any kind. Anti-tank rifles were useless, as enemy tanks were “medium”, none of the men were more than half trained and scarcely any had been under fire before. Despite all efforts on the part of the rest of the Battalion to reform or to extricate “A” Coy this was frustrated by enemy fire.

This officer although himself wounded several times was primarily responsible for his Coy holding out for five hours which undoubtedly bluffed the enemy, delaying his advance at this point for nearly half a day. For conspicuous bravery in an isolated position and for his fine example, I recommend that this officer be awarded the Military Cross.