7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment
Military Honours and Awards

Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion

2nd Lieutenant
Eric Chisholm Sevenoaks
Military Cross

2nd Lieutenant E.C. Sevenoaks, (63782) 7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment, (Lancefield, Cumberland)

On 20 May 1940 this officer took out a patrol of one platoon on a recce through Salouel near Amiens, and on to the high ground West of the village. He obtained much valuable information as to the enemy’s dispositions and strength which he communicated to his Company Commander. On his way back, his patrol encountered enemy tanks and came under heavy fire. He concealed his men in a thick wood and himself made several recces in order to find a way back, but without success.

When 2/Lt. Sevenoaks realised he was completely surrounded by the enemy AFV’s and motorized units, he kept his men under cover and eventually succeeded in withdrawing them without loss through the German outpost lines. He spent many hours within a few yards of German armoured units and passed through German outpost lines by night by pretending to be a German patrol.

Having got through the German lines he continued his march through heavy shelling and eventually contacted French troops after marching throughout the night.

He showed courage, initiative and coolness in a difficult situation and set his men a very fine example in determination.

(This officer was later awarded an M.B.E. (Military Division) as a Major assigned as SO(L) at H.Q. 1st Canadian Army throughout the campaign in North West Europe.)